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Important information

Most common mistakes or wrong information:

  • Trying to import convention material and giveaways in your personal luggage.
  • Not to declare your convention material and giveaways if you do take it with you on the plane.

    Any merchandise other than goods considered as personal luggage and with a total value of more than $ 300 USD must be declared.
  • Sending your convention material and giveaways by international couriers when:

    • Your shipment has a total value above $ 1,000 USD.
    • Some of your merchandise requires special handling or permits.
    • Some your merchandise includes First Aid Kits or medicines.
    • Some of your merchandise includes food items, liquids (ex: hand sanitizers), alcohol or beverages.
    • Some of your merchandise could be imported temporarily or as giveaways and therefore be tax exempt.
    • The International Courier you are using does not have direct flights to your destination. Your merchandise might get held up in other airports as you must clear Customs at the first port of entry.

  • Not to insure your merchandise.

  • Contacting your Freight Forwarder at the last minute.

  • Not to verify that the merchandise you want to send requires special permits or handling.

  • Putting First Aid Kits, medicines or medical equipment in your shipment without informing your Freight Forwarder.

  • Trying to send meat products by air. Any uncooked or unprepared meat products must enter Mexico by sea or by land.

  • Thinking that you cannot import goods from China or Asia or that it will always pay very high taxes. Ask your Freight Forwarder: not everything from China is taxed.

  • Thinking that you cannot import Liquor, Wine and Spirits. The company that will do the import in Mexico needs a special authorization: we have it!

  • Using Freight Forwarders that cannot offer you consolidation services to cut your costs and avoid minimum fees.
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International courier

Limitation of International Courier Companies.



List of items that make up personal luggage.



Items that require special handling.

  • Using Freight Forwarders that do not have facilities and in-house Customs Agents and therefore do not have an in depth knowledge of the regulations and laws and cannot be present at Customs during the inspection process or if any assistance is needed to clear Customs.

  • Not to verify the actual facilities of your Freight Forwarder in México and the U.S. Make sure it has a real and safe warehouse.

  • Using Freight Forwarders that do not have their own facilities in the U.S. and therefore cannot review the contents of your shipment and verify BEFORE SHIPPING that all your merchandise is ready to be cleared without any problem.

  • Putting food items, Mexican handcrafts or alcohol in your boxes to be exported and returned to the U.S. These items cannot be exported from Mexico. You are allowed to take some of these goods in your personal luggage on the plane.

  • Thinking that the hotel you are staying at is going to assume responsibility for your imports – they will not.

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