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Freight Forwarding

Our tailor made door to door service
  • Direct contact and coordination with you from the U.S.

  • We can pick up your merchandise at your door or you can send it to us.

  • Consolidation in our US Miami offices and warehouses.

    REDUCE your COSTS and SIMPLIFY your LOGISTICS taking advantage of our warehouses & offices in the U.S.
    • We provide consolidation of merchandise for different participants from the same convention. Participants will be able to benefit from our consolidation to reduce costs. We can charge each participant individually.
      This consolidation avoids the duplicity of freight charges. Clients will be able to share one international shipment and one Customs clearance.
    • We can provide receiving, shipping and delivery information to both the participants and the Meeting Planner as requested.

  • Inspection in our U.S. warehouse to verify that all your merchandise is ready to be shipped and cleared at destination without any problem.
    • We will verify that you have all necessary permits or certificates, that all your items have a logo if needed, that all the information is translated into Spanish and that everything is well packed.
    • We also ship directly to Mexico from any part of the world. Please contact us and we will send you a quote.

  • Documentation and permits for all types of products in the U.S., México and the DR.
    • Check our list of common items that require special handling.

  • Insurance. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need insurance.

  • Air, Sea or Land Transportation.
    • We can ship any volume of merchandise, from containers to single boxes.
    • We have weekly containers from Miami.
    • We can ship dry, refrigerated or frozen products.
What can be shipped?
    • Exhibits,
    • Computers, audiovisual material, etc…

    • T-Shirts, hats, sandals, bags…
    • Ipods, video games, electronic items…
    • Jewelry, high value gifts…
    • Trophies,
    • Books…

    • Any item without the logo of the event,
    • Toys made in China,
    • Wines and spirits,
    • Food.

Let us know what you want to send and we will advise you how to proceed.

  • Customs clearance in México and the DR.
    • Professional supervision every step of the way, including physical presence at Customs during the inspection process.
  • Warehousing and delivery at your event site on the day and the hour you request.

    • We are flexible; let us know if you need to change your delivery date.
    • Our secure facility is under 24 hour surveillance.
    • We have refrigerated storage rooms and temperature controlled vehicles in México.

  • Export and return of goods.
    • Follow up of your returned goods until their final destination.
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