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Import / Export

We specialize in Mexico but we can handle your freight in North and South America and the Caribbean.

Buy your products abroad
and receive it at your door in Mexico.
More choices, better prices and worry free logistics!

For those of you in Mexico, do not hesitate anymore to plan your shopping trip to Miami and buy anything you need for your new house or apartment!

Take advantage of our offices in Miami and Cancún and let us take care of all the logistics to get your furniture to your door in México. You just need to inform us in advance and tell your supplier to send your merchandise to our warehouses in Miami. We will receive it for you and consolidate it in our weekly dry containers that we send from Miami to México. We will send you a precise quote for our consolidation services, import and delivery to your door anywhere in México.

Important: according to the country of origin and the goods you want to buy, your merchandise might pay duties in México. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions before buying what you need.

We offer:

  • International air, sea and land freight forwarding. Coordination of your logistics from anywhere in the world to México.

  • Consolidation services - As NVOCC consolidators we offer shipments of:
    • Full container loads
    • Loose cargo from anywhere in the world (air or ocean freight) to México.
    • Sea and air freight consolidation of dry products, frozen & refrigerated products to México.
Freight fowarding

Take advantage of our weekly dry containers and our frozen containers sent from Miami to Cancún.

We can give you a precise quote to consolidate your merchandise in our containers or if you plan to ship products on a regular basis from Miami to Cancún, we can also send you a commercial proposal with a volume rate according to the type of commodities you want to import.

Mc Mar Design

Furniture shop
in Cozumel island

"Guillesa is a fabulous company to work with. We know our furniture is in good hands from the moment it is delivered in the states, through the container process, on the boat and with on-time delivery to their warehouse in Cancún.
The merchandise arrives unharmed and everything
is accounted for.
The staff we work with have been there for ages and we trust them to do our freight forwarding. They have been our one and only freight forwarder since the day we opened our business. Nobody does it better than Guillesa."

Luh Mc Devitt
Mc Mar Design

  • In house Mexican and U.S. Customs broker. We can import, export and coordinate the delivery of your shipment from any Customs house in México.
  • Procurement services to buy the merchandise you need and ship it to your location. We can coordinate everything with your supplier.
    To facilitate the payment to your suppliers we can process it for you. We accept all major credit cards.
  • Turnkey solutions to identify the best freight options according to your needs and budget.
  • Shipments of dry products and perishable products (frozen & refrigerated goods).
  • Freight Forwarding for Meetings & Special Events in México and the Dominican Republic: temporary imports, giveaways, high value shipments..
  • Importation of Kosher food.
  • Insurance.
  • Assistance in Mexican & U.S. Customs to clear international shipments held up at Customs.
  • Crating & special packaging services.
  • Inland transportation and domestic shipping services.
    We can arrange with your supplier to deliver your merchandise to any location and we can provide inland transportation services inside Mexico to deliver your merchandise to your door.


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