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Household Relocation


We provide household relocation services for household moves to Mexico. We have over 20 years experience in International Freight Forwarding and we are specialized in México.

We know how important your belongings are to you and this is why we provide turnkey solutions and tailor-made services to ensure the best personalized attention and worry free logistics to have your household items arrive in excellent condition.

From the beginning to the end you will be assisted by one of our bilingual staff members to make sure you are properly informed of what to do and that you are comfortable and satisfied with your move.

Our experience and knowledge will help make your move to Mexico easier than you ever imagined.

We offer:

  • Door to door service.
    Depending on your location and your destination we provide air, sea and land transportation from anywhere in the world to anywhere in México.
  • Warehousing in Miami.
  • In house Customs brokerage services in the U.S. and México.
  • Personal consultants to guide you through the whole process of moving:
    • What to know.
    • What documents you will need and where to get them.
    • Dos and Don’ts.
  • Bilingual Staff.
  • Insurance.
  • Shipment of full container loads.
  • Shipment of loose cargo.
  • Consolidation services.
House relocation
Important information

  • You will need an FM3 visa, an FM2 Visa or documents proving that you are a returning Mexican citizen.

    • An FM3 visa is a legal permit issued by Mexican Consulates to live and/or work in México. You will have to go personally to the nearest Mexican Consulate to request this document with the required information. It is the most frequently issued visa to work or retire in México.

    • An FM2 visa leads to permanent residency status and citizenship in México. It is not available from a Mexican Consulate in the U.S. You can get an FM2 at your local Immigration office in México (INM Institución Nacional de Migración).
      Mexican consular websites tell you what Consulate corresponds to what part of the world. Household relocation – Link Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores.
  • You must do your household move within six months of receiving your FM2 or FM3 visa and you can only do this type of import one time.

  • You will need to process a “menaje de casa” (household move) with the Mexican Consulate. It is the paperwork that allows holders of FM2 and FM3 visas to move their used household belongings to Mexico without paying any import duties. It is the inventory list of items that you will take to México, stamped and approved by the nearest Mexican Consulate.
  • Your inventory list must be very accurate, typed and in Spanish (we can assist you with the translation). Once it is done, you will have to take it to the Mexican Consulate to have it stamped and approved. It will become your “menaje de casa” and must be 100% accurate.

    • You need to declare the total value of your merchandise in your inventory list.
    • Everything must be listed and numbered with a precise description of all the items and then packed into boxes. All the boxes must be numbered and inventoried. Do not use the word Miscellaneous. The following descriptions are acceptable: women’s clothing, pots and pans, bed linens, etc...
house relocation
    • Furniture items must be listed separately (tables, large rugs, chairs, sofas…). You do not need to be overly descriptive but do not use too vague descriptions either. Ex: Dining table, TV Furniture, King size bed… are acceptable descriptions.
    • The inventory list must show your old and new address.
    • Electronic devices and appliances must be listed FIRST on the inventory list, followed by your personal effects, then furniture and large loose items.
    • ALL electronic devices and appliances must be listed and declared with their full description, make, model and serial number. All electronics must be placed together in the same boxes. This includes power tools, phones, clocks, radios and even battery powered toys.
    • You can import one used bicycle per member of the family.
    • Note that the word “used belongings” means at least six months old.
    • You CANNOT include any new item in your “menaje de casa”. If new items are found in your “menaje de casa” they may be confiscated and the owner may not get his belongings back until a substantial fine is paid. New items can be imported but might pay duties and must be declared separately.
    • You CANNOT include any plants, fruits, vegetables, food items, alcohol, cleaning supplies and chemicals, medicines, drugs, firearms or ammunitions in your “menaje de casa”. They are strictly prohibited.
    • Valuable paintings and artwork have to be declared separately.
    • You will need to send us the original inventory list plus one copy.
  • We will need the following documents:

    • Photocopy of your FM2 or FM3 and the original inventory list stamped and approved by the Mexican Consulate. For foreigners the stamp from the Mexican Consulate is not necessary.
  • We do not handle uninsured shipments. We can provide insurance or you can use your own insurance. However we must be shown proof of coverage before we can proceed with the shipment.
  • Note that should Mexican Customs discover any irregularities, the entire shipment may be impounded and substantial fines might be assessed.
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